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Wily Mo Pena has an odd ritual

Wily Mo Pena is quickly turning into a cult hero in the Valley. He’s one of those guys who fans love because he’s quirky, has an interesting back story and is in the midst of a hot streak. But why is Wily crushing balls like college kids crush empty cans? His secret might surprise you (OK, we’re not sure it’s his secret but we are sure you’ll be surprised by it).

Thanks to our friends at, we have video proof that prior to his walk-off home run Wily decided to hauk-a-loogie into his batting helmet and then place it on his head.

We’re not sure if it’s some sort of good luck ritual or if Wily was just trying to make sure his helmet remained firmly on his head while he rounded the bases. What we are sure of is that if the results are him hitting mammoth home runs we don’t care what he does (including putting golf club covers on his bat or sacrificing a bucket of chicken before the game).

Thanks Wily for the entertainment.

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