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Numbers say D-backs news is hard to find

There are many ways to judge a team’s popularity. Attendance and merchandise sales are the most common, but nowadays the internet can prove to be a good gauge as well.

And, if the numbers are to be believed, people just aren’t that interested in the Arizona Diamondbacks.

A report by Beyond the Boxscore says the Diamondbacks are tied for second-to-last place among hits produced when typing the team’s name into Google.

What does this mean for the team? Well, they’re ahead of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and tied with the Kansas City Royals, so it’s really hard to gather anything other than the fact that the longer the name is, the worse off things seem to be.

On the other hand, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox top the list, so it could have something to do with winning as well.

Oh wait, the Chicago Cubs are third, so that can’t be it either.

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