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Gonzalez: Everybody wants to see Drew back

Arizona Diamondbacks-great Luis Gonzalez joined Arizona Sports 620’s Burns and Gambo Friday to discuss a number of topics, including Stephen Drew’s commitment to the D-backs organization.

When asked where the situation between team owner Ken Kendrick and the shortstop would go, Gonzo thinks everything will be “water under the bridge.”

“Everybody wants to see him back out on the field,” said Gonzalez. “That’s what the fans want to see and that’s what the organization wants to see. Drew provides stability in your lineup, and he’s going to go out there and play hard for you.”

Drew and Gonzalez were teammates during the 2006 season, the same season Drew made his major league debut. Gonzo recalls seeing Drew in the training room a number of times, something that was considered “taboo” during his career.

“You didn’t want to be in the training room because that meant you’re hurt and you can’t play,” he said. “Nowadays, everybody is in the training room for minor injuries and minute stuff. Very few guys play through pain. All of the sudden if there’s a little twinge or something, you get thrown on the 15-day DL, and that’s unfortunate.”

Gonzalez admits that the game is different now, almost 22 years since he started in the majors. But he maintains that putting forth a maximum effort, even when injured, will earn you respect from your teammates.

“When the guys in the clubhouse know you’re hurting and you’re out there continuing to play, they know that you’re out there for them,” he said.

When asked if Drew, who is expected not to pick up the mutual option on his contract, will be traded during the season, Gonzo believes “it’s up to Towers, Gibby, Hall and our owner Ken to figure that out. Obviously it’s disappointing because everybody wants to see him go out there and play, but if he’s hurt, he can’t.

“Hopefully he has a couple good days [in Reno] and he’ll be ready to go play for the Diamondbacks.”