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Bad news for the Kings! Suns fan Dakoda joins Burns & Gambo

If you are a fan of Arizona Sports’ Burns & Gambo, you have undoubtedly heard their classic “Bad news for (insert team playing Suns here)!”

Well, ahead of Phoenix’s 122-114 victory over Sacramento, fan Dakoda Roman took it upon himself Thursday morning to let the Kings know what to expect at Phoenix Suns Arena come tipoff.

“Bad news for the Kings!” Dakoda said while rocking a Suns shirt and shorts on Twitter.

Bringing the fire that early is a hard thing to do, but Dakoda, who turns 22 in June and has cerebral palsy, absolutely nailed it.

So much so that both the Suns and Burns & Gambo reached out to acquire Dakoda’s services.

“We’d love to have you out at the game tonight, the Suns tweeted. “We need Dakoda in the building for good luck!”

Not only was Dakoda surprised with Suns tickets for Thursday’s matchup, the guys at Arizona Sports felt it was only fitting to have him lead the “bad news for the Kings!” rallying cry.

And as expected, Dakoda stepped up and crushed it.

“Dakoda and I, we really started doing it this season,” Dakoda’s father, Jason Roman, said. “He likes to wear all the Suns gear for every Suns game. Wants to wear his Suns gear to show support.

“He’s a diehard Arizona sports fan. He loves the Suns, he loves the Diamondbacks, the Cardinals, the Coyotes,” Jason added.

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