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Where do Arizona State and Arizona football rank in the AP’s All-Time poll?

For more than 80 years, the Associated Press has made 1,103 polls and ranked 165 college football teams.In an effort to highlight the All-Time greatest football program,

So in an effort to highlight the All-Time greatest football program, they AP has compiled information from every poll since 1936. The All-Time rankings took into account poll appearances (one point), No. 1 rankings (two points) and AP championships (10 points).

Where do the Arizona schools stand?

ASU – No. 30

The Sun Devils totaled 284 points in the All-Time ranking and appeared in the top-10 65 times. Although ASU made the top-5 20 times, the team hasn’t been able to break into the No. 1 spot. It ranked No. 2 on three different occasions (1976 and twice in 1996).

Arizona – No. 54

The Wildcats scored 168 points in the ranking. They haven’t had the same success as ASU, only making the top-10 31 times. Their highest rank was No. 3 (1983) and they made the top-5 only five times since their first appearance in 1961.

USC received the highest ranking in the Pac-12, while Oregon State rounded out the conference at 65th.

Here’s how the teams from the desert fared compared to the rest of the Pac-12:

USC – No. 5

UCLA – No. 17

Washington – No. 20

Colorado – No. 27

Oregon – No. 28

ASU – No. 30

Stanford – No. 32

California – No. 45

UA – No. 54

Washington State – No. 59

Utah – No. 64

Oregon State – No. 65


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