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Hawks CEO will pay for wedding of couple that met at team’s Tinder night

“Swipe Right Night” got its fair share of publicity when the Atlanta Hawks first used the Tinder app to draw fans who were looking for a date.

It wasn’t just a stunt. The event led at least one couple to find true love.

Avery Armstrong and Ben McCleskey met over Tinder at a game in 2015, and their relationship continued. Hawks CEO Steve Koonin was impressed and at “Swipe Right Night 2.0” told the couple that he would pay for and host their wedding if they were to get married.

Well, they are.

Armstrong tweeted at the Hawks wondering if the offer still stood on Friday.

In a response to Armstrong, McCleskey and their young child, Koonin made clear he’s not backing away from his comment.

Avery and Ben: We are super excited for how your relationship has grown since you met at our first Swipe Right Night, and I will absolutely make good on my promise for the Hawks to host your wedding. We can’t wait to start making plans and meet your new little one.

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