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Adidas turns a young fan’s drawings into a real uniform

Jasper Fleming and his friend Sam, both from Edmonton, started making their perfect soccer uniform, using markers and duct tape to create it all and with the help of Adidas, it came to life.

The two friends detailed out their jersey, drawing the front and back of it, even enlarging the small soccer ball ensignia they had on the front to show its specific features.

To make the shoes, the two friends didn’t draw them but instead weaved duct tape in the form of a shoe, enough so that you could put your foot in it.  They used a black marker to make the classic three stripes of Adidas over the silver duct tape.

The boys sent a note along with the pictures of the uniform to Adidas about two years ago asking them to make the jersey. Not thinking anything about not getting a response, just six weeks ago, Fleming’s mom received a call from Adidas asking for his shoe size.

When a package from Adidas arrived at their door a few weeks ago it had the original pictures they drew along with the real, custom uniform.

The jersey is red on top with light green lines down the arm, equipped with a soccer ball ensignia on the left breast. The bottom half is dark green with black zig zag lines running horizontal through it.

Courtesy, Lise Fleming,

Courtesy, Lise Fleming,

The shorts are light green with red lines running down the sides and the same soccer ball ensignia on the left side.

The shoes, which started out as duct tape, are in a silver fish scale pattern with the three black stripes on the outsides of the heels.

The two friends didn’t need any electronics to cure their boredom, they just needed some markers, paper, some duct tape and thanks to Adidas, they got an awesome uniform.

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