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Rich Rodriguez clearly not happy after loss to Arizona State

Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez let his emotions show during a postgame press conference following a 42-30 loss to in-state rival Arizona State Saturday.

But how did we get there?

Well, a few things turned the tide for Arizona after it had a dominant first half, leading 24-14.

One of those things was losing starting quarterback Khalil Tate following a big hit to end the first half — Tate tried to return in the third quarter, but it was short-lived. When asked about the decision to go with Brandon Dawkins, Rodriguez was very animated with his response.

“He got hurt,” Rodriguez said abruptly. “Let’s see, he got hurt, got banged up. Then he tried to go and couldn’t go so the other guy went.”

Another thing Rodriguez was not pleased with was his punt team, who gave ASU multiple short-field opportunities with poor kicks throughout the game.

“Holy cow, a Division I team and we can’t punt? We can’t catch a snap and punt the ball? It’s just unfathomable. Kids are trying, but it’s kind of remarkable,” said Rodriguez on his special team woes.

Although the loss stings — being it is the Territorial Cup game — the Wildcats are still bowl eligible. When asked if he believes Tate’s injury will be an issue for the bowl game, Rodriguez answered with “I’m not a doctor, I’m not a trainer.”

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