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Latest ‘Cardinals Flight Plan’ documents team paintball trip

As the initial offseason program for the Arizona Cardinals got underway, “Cardinals Flight Plan” documented the start of the journey.

That included some team bonding via playing paintball with one another, an event headed by pass rusher Chandler Jones.

“I feel like events like this — it brings the team closer and once you have a team that’s close-bonded, you play better as a team,” he said.

The journey to next season had already been underway for running back David Johnson and pass rusher Markus Golden, who are both recovering from season-ending injuries.

Johnson, who has already said he’s back at 100 percent from his wrist injury that kept him out nearly all season, was just happy to be back around the team and meet all the new faces.

“It’s going to be a very important offseason for me,” he said.

“I feel like they’re going to get an even better David Johnson from the 2016 season.”

Golden, coming back from ACL tear he suffered in Week 4 of last season, was shown in his home and discussed his thought process driving to the facility.

“This ride helps me out a lot too,” Golden said, who uses the drive as a time for reflection of where he’s come from.

“When I usually drive, my mom or dad give me a call, sometimes both.”

Funnily enough, Golden gets a call from his mom while being filmed and then has to let her go with his dad calling on the other line.

Golden does not sound like a man with any doubt about how he will come back from the injury.

“Really, I’m just gonna come back and do what I always do — be a playmaker,” he said.

The next episode will be coming on April 25, titled “D-Day”, the day before the NFL Draft begins.

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