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Did Cardinals ‘tamper’ with quarterback?

Rumors last week emerged that the Arizona Cardinals had reached an ‘understanding’ with quarterback Marc Bulger.

If it is true, don’t expect the Cards to face any tampering charges from the Baltimore Ravens.

According to the Baltimore Sun’s Ravens blog, the team won’t ask the league to reprimand the Cards if they did in fact have contact with Bulger.

A Ravens source said the team won’t pursue tampering charges against the Arizona Cardinals because it would be difficult to find evidence to prove it.

It’s good to know seeing as one of the top reasons for signing Bulger is that he supposedly would come cheap. If they do sign him and then are forced to give the Ravens compensation in return for tampering — which would likely be a stiff punishment from the NFL — he would be an extremely less attractive option at quarterback.

Bulger could be the veteran presence the Cardinals need under center or at least provide some good competition at the position. That is, if the price is right and legally agreed upon.

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