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Four Cardinals listed among top 100 in the NFL

The Arizona Cardinals have four of the NFL’s best 100

At least, according to’s Pete Prisco, they do.

In a piece titled Top 100 NFL players: No influence
other than scouts, film
, Prisco ranks Larry Fitzgerald
ninth, Calais Campbell 58th, Adrian Wilson 70th and
Dockett 92nd.

Here’s what he has to say about each:

Fitzgerald, who improved from 18th in 2011

He once again put up big numbers, despite little help on
other side and so-so quarterback play.

Campbell, who was unranked in 2011

The Cardinals rewarded him with a big contract last week
for a reason. He was their best defensive player last

Wilson, who was ranked 44th in 2011

He’s been one of my favorites for a long time and bounced
back from a subpar 2010 season to play at his usual high
level. The amazing thing is he did it with a torn biceps
tendon. Wow.

Dockett, who was ranked 73rd in 2011

He wasn’t as good as Campbell last season, but he’s still
one of the better down lineman in the league. Dockett
plays with a nasty streak.

It’s really tough to argue with any of the Cardinals who
are on the list, though to see Wilson drop after what was
a decidedly excellent season is a little iffy.

However, if all goes according to plan a couple more Red
Birds will make next year’s version.

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