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D-backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt: ‘I’m thankful to the D-backs for making this commitment’

The Arizona Diamondbacks rewarded their starting first baseman Paul Goldschmidt with a contract extension on Saturday. The 25-year-old joined general manager Kevin Towers for a press conference to talk about the good news.

“It’s an exciting day for the D-backs. We’re proud to announce the signing of Mr. Paul Goldschmidt to a five year deal with a sixth year club option,” said Towers “Hopefully its six years and hopefully many more after that, he deserved it. It’s the type of guy that from myself, to Derek (Hall) to Ken (Kendrick), we couldn’t be more excited for it.”

The deal is reportedly worth $32 million and another $14.5 million for the club option in 2019.

Goldschmidt set franchise records for first baseman in 2012 with 43 doubles and a .497 slugging percentage. He also became one of the only first baseman in club history with at least ten home runs and ten stolen bases in a season.

“I’m happy to be here and thankful to the Diamondbacks for making this commitment. I couldn’t be happier,” Goldschmidt told the media Saturday. “I’ve been lucky just to be drafted by these guys and come up through the system and get the opportunities in the minor leagues but also get the opportunity to play in the playoffs a couple years ago and just be surrounded by a lot of good teammates that I’ve been able to learn a lot from. Obviously without them, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Towers admitted that he’s been impressed with Goldschmidt’s production since being called up in August 2011, but he’s just as impressed with the 25-year-old’s work ethic and leadership.

“I’ll tell you what; I wish we could mold 24 more of him,” said Towers. “I mean what he embodies and the way he plays when it comes to preparation, attitude, and selflessness. You know we had those coins built up a couple years ago about what we stood for: tenacity, team unity, selflessness, never quit.

“The coin is really Paul Goldschmidt, I mean that’s the way he plays the game and prepares for the game.”

Goldschmidt is one of just nine players since 2011 to hit at least .270 with 180 hits, 50 doubles, 25 home runs, 100 RBI, 20 stolen bases and a .350 on-base percentage. He’s in good company; amongst the other eight players are Ryan Braun, Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Kemp and Justin Upton.

The first baseman also said he’s excited they got the contract talks done before the start of the year and it’s one less thing to worry about. Goldschmidt said he is ready to start the season on Monday against the St. Louis Cardinals at Chase Field.