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Who’s Your Daddy Week: Tom Candiotti

Tom Candiotti was a former MLB pitcher that had a 16-year career and is now the radio analyst of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Candiotti has some fond childhood memories of his father, and he discussed his dad with Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf as part of ‘Who’s Your Daddy Week.’

Memories of your dad:

“I lost my father when I was 17 years old to a heart attack. I had so many fond memories of my dad as a child. I think the best were when he would come home from work, whether it was football season, I would be out on the lawn with a football and we would play catch. Basketball season I would be dribbling the ball in my driveway until my dad came home and we would play one-on-one. Baseball was the same way, the glove was out there and before he even got home we would have a game of catch before he went inside the house. With my two young kids, I try to do the same thing with them. I try to be there every chance I get, whether it is basketball, football, baseball, golf or bowling, whatever they want to do, I want them to have those memories I had.”

Doug Franz wrote his reaction to Candiotti’s touching story after the show on Tuesday.

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