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Arizona Cardinals’ QB Kevin Kolb not caught up in competition

Kevin Kolb knows it’s time for him to step up and win the starting quarterback job for the Arizona Cardinals outright.

Still, he isn’t putting much stake into the competition between himself and teammate John Skelton. Instead, he is focused on improving his own game.

“For me it’s just making myself a better player,” Kolb said. “I don’t necessarily get caught up in day-to-day, how did John do? How did I do? Obviously at this point, we want to get better.”

Kolb acknowledged the mistakes he has made in the pocket and admits he’s struggled getting comfortable in there.

“It’s always a constant battle, as far as trusting it long enough to stay in there and make that throw and then getting out and making a play, as well,” Kolb stated.

While he’s disappointed at his performance thus far, the 27-year-old signal caller isn’t panicking.

“The thing is, the end is the beginning because whoever gets named the starter, strap up and get ready to roll because you’ve got 16 games,” Kolb said. “You can’t look too far forward, you just keep pressing day-by-day, that’s the way it works in this league.”

As Kolb and the Cardinals look to right the ship going forward, the key for the quarterback and his offense will be maintaining their composure while working tirelessly to prove themselves.

“You can’t panic but there’s got to be a sense of urgency and I think that’s right where we are at,” Kolb said. “I think we know how good we are, we just have to put it together and the only way you do that is by hard work, determination and focus is a big thing.”

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