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Cardinals consider leaving Flagstaff training site

The Arizona Cardinals could be moving from Flagstaff, after a quarter-century of training there.

The team has issued a request to Glendale on proposals to host training camp beginning in summer 2013.

Julie Frisoni with the City of Glendale said they have until Friday to give the team a plan.

“The Cardinals have had a sellout every game since they moved to their new stadium in Glendale in 2006,” said Frisoni. “Certainly if it makes sense to host the training camp as well, it’s something that we would definitely want to look into.”

Members of the Glendale City Council are meeting this afternoon to discuss the possible move. Frisoni said cost is the top priority.

“We obviously have to look at all the benefits that hosting an event of this magnitude would bring.”

Glendale is facing big budget issues after the council approved a $300 million deal to keep the Coyotes. The city will have to cut almost $20 million and 200 jobs within the next five years.

Frisoni said Glendale isn’t the only Valley city on the Cardinals’ list, in addition to the possibility the team could remain in Flagstaff.