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D-backs to unleash ‘Triple Play Sundae’ on fans this weekend

Just when you thought it could not be done, the Arizona Diamondbacks have gone and topped themselves once again in the food department.

Cavities, anyone?

According to ESPN business guy and ballpark food dude Darren Rovell, the helmet of goodness is a two-pound, 3,540 calorie sundae that will be sold for $25.

Based on the picture, people with an insatiable sweet tooth will get to chow down on some waffle cone, brownies and whipped cream along with a couple different flavors of ice cream. There is also caramel, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

It had to have sprinkles.

The Diamondbacks already made headlines this season when they unveiled a host of new food items, including the Cheeseburger Dog, Pit Viper Sandwich and Buffalo Chicken Fries.

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