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Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs: The Final Four

We’re down to the Final Four in our first-ever Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs, and one franchise has dominated the field thus far.

In 1992, the Phoenix Suns unveiled a new uniform to coincide with the opening of their new home, then called America West Arena. That year also marked the arrivals of Charles Barkley and Danny Ainge, the Suns posting the best record in the league and their second trip to the NBA Finals.

People loved their uniforms — both the home whites and the road purples. In 1994, the organization rolled out a black alternate uniform to the ensemble.

All three of the Suns’ kits from that era are still alive in the Final Four. They are joined by the Coyotes’ Kachina black road uniforms, which were worn from 1996 to 2003.

Voting for our Final Four will be conducted Monday. The winners will move on to the championship match Tuesday.

#1 Suns Barkley-era black alternates vs. #4 Suns Barkley-era road purples


How they got here:

Suns Barkley-era black alternates
• Defeated Suns’ Nash-era home whites, 73-27
• Defeated Coyotes’ green desert-themed alternates, 51-49 (15-vote difference)
• Defeated D-backs original black alternates, 76-24

Suns Barkley-era purple roads:
• Defeated Cardinals’ current road whites, 77-23
• Defeated Cardinals’ current home reds, 60-40
• Defeated D-backs’ second-generation black alternates, 71-29

Voting has now ended

#2 Suns Barkley-era home whites vs. #46 Coyotes Kachina road blacks


How they got here:

Suns Barkley-era home whites
• Defeated D-backs original home whites, 75-25
• Defeated D-backs purple alternates, 74-26
• Defeated Coyotes Kachina home whites, 54-46

Coyotes Kachina black roads
• Defeated Coyotes current home whites, 59-41
• Defeated Coyotes home reds with white stripes, 62-38
• Defeated Cardinals black alternates, 73-27
• Defeated Suns Nash-era road purples, 52-48

Voting has now ended

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