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  • Drafting a (good) QB in the first round is not a science

    The Arizona Cardinals have the fifth pick in the draft, and it is a certainty that there will be a few quarterbacks available when they pick. With a need for a signal caller, the choice would be easy – except for the fact that picking players, and especially quarterbacks, is hardly an exact science. Below […]
  • Kerry Rhodes goes to work, promptly leaves

    The lockout over, Kerry Rhodes returned to work Tuesday. Sort of. Rhodes was one of a handful of players who showed up at the Cardinals’ Tempe training facility Tuesday, though none of the players were allowed to do much of anything once there. He arrived at 10:15 a.m., spoke with reporters and went inside. He […]
  • One Cardinal plans to show up to work as lockout lifted

    A day after U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson lifted the lockout players are unsure what that exactly means. On Tuesday players throughout the league started showing up at their team facilities only to be told they wouldn’t be allowed to do “football activities.” The league issued a statement that called for players to be […]
  • Owners could have tough time appealing lockout ruling

    ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack said NFL owners may have a tough time appealing the Monday ruling to end the lockout because the eighth circuit of appeals would have to decide Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling was completely wrong. “This is one that’s really hard to predict,” Cossack said. “It depends on what panel you get, […]
  • ‘There is no more NFL lockout’

    From the moment U.S. Federal Judge Susan R. Nelson ordered an end to the NFL lockout, questions started to emerge. Are players now free agents? Can they all go back to work? What the hell is going on? ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack joined Sports 620 KTAR’s Gambo and Ash Monday to shed a little […]
  • Cardinal wants coach Whisenhunt to know he’s working out

    The NFL lockout has made it where there can be no direct contact made between players and coaches. While they may not admit it, some players might not see that as such a bad thing. Others are missing their coaches and time with the team. At least one player is anyway. Or that’s at least […]
  • Lombardi: Bulger wants to play in Arizona

    This time next week the Cardinals’ quarterback situation might be a little more clear. They might have drafted a signal-caller high enough to give him the advantage in the race to be the team’s starter. Until then, the speculation continues. And the Marc Bulger train has picked up another passenger. “There’s a lot of question […]
  • Cardinals have the fifth pick, but will they keep it?

    Besides the QB talk, what has dominated any discussion about the Arizona Cardinals has been who they will select with the fifth pick in the draft next Thursday. Well, what if they don’t select anyone at all? The team could trade down, which is an idea general manager Rod Graves touched on Thursday. “I think […]
  • Whisenhunt: It depends on the quarterback

    They say timing is everything, and the proverb could be used to describe how the Arizona Cardinals’ plan to rectify their void situation at quarterback. The Cardinals badly need a new one, and there are a few intriguing options expected to be available to them. And hey, what do you know, one could even be […]
  • Cardinals need to think Dalton at QB, regardless of hair color

    The Arizona Cardinals need to draft a quarterback in the NFL Draft next week. What they don’t have to do is draft one with the No. 5 overall pick. When their turn comes in the second round for the 38th pick, if TCU’s Andy Dalton is still on the board he needs to be taken […]
  • Hasselbeck’s brother thinks AZ would be good fit

    PHOENIX – ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck played agent for older brother, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, on Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf show Wednesday. Having been a part of the Cardinals team and playing in the system for a couple weeks back in 2007, Tim Hasselbeck thinks his brother would be an ideal fit […]
  • NFC West teams face similiar schedules

    PHOENIX – The NFL schedule was released on Tuesday and the teams in the NFC West have one thing in common. They all rank near the bottom of the league in strength of schedule of their opponents next season. It’s a reminder of how bad the division was last season as every team plays each […]
  • Schedule shows how far Cardinals have fallen

    PHOENIX – The NFL released the schedule for next season and with it the list of prime time games on Sunday and Monday night football where the league typically puts the best teams. The Arizona Cardinals don’t have any prime time games on either Sunday or Monday night football next season. It only took one […]
  • Cardinals schedule is not too bad

    We finally know. If there is to be an NFL season, we now know exactly who the Cardinals will play, where they will play them and on what day. Starting at home against the Panthers and finishing at home against the Seahawks, the schedule is fairly balanced and, based on record, the easiest in the […]
  • Larry Fitzgerald is a different kind of leader

    We haven’t yet really felt the impact of the NFL lockout. Sure, free agency has not happened. And yes, any statement about the 2011 season is followed with the qualifier “if there is a 2011 season.” But really, truly, we haven’t yet really missed anything. That will soon change. Once the draft is over we […]
  • WR A.J. Green is both intriguing and terrifying

    The mocks are coming fast and furious now. Who will the Arizona Cardinals select at number five? Your guess is as good as anybody’s. Literally. Blaine Gabbert, Von Miller, Patrick Peterson, Robert Quinn ; all names that have appeared in one mock draft or another over the last few weeks. But this one is new. […]
  • Mock draft has Cardinals taking Robert Quinn

    With the fifth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select…Robert Quinn. Based on his mock draft, ProFootballTalk’s Evan Silva, has the Cardinals taking the North Carolina linebacker. “Helps to fill the void created when Karlos Dansby left via free agency,” he said. “This is the process of rebuilding that team. “Robert Quinn […]
  • Kolb trade could include future picks

    If the Cardinals are planning on swinging a deal for Kevin Kolb, they may be able to land the QB without giving up a pick in this year’s draft. That means the team could keep the number five pick. As a guest of Howard Eskin’s on WIP in Philadelphia, Reid said, among other things, that […]
  • Cardinals turning attention to defense?

    Much of the talk lately has been about the Cardinals perceived interest in Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. Real or imagined, the idea of the Cards selecting a QB with the number five pick just more than a week from today is an exciting, if not a bit nerve-wracking, possibility. However, in true Helen Lovejoy fashion, […]
  • Kolb may be limiting his own marketplace

    The Philadelphia Eagles opened the 2010 season with Kevin Kolb as their starting quarterback. He was injured in the first game and never took the starting quarterback job back. Yes, he played later in the year when Michael Vick was injured, but it was never his job again. Now, the Eagles are moving forward with […]

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