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Nick Saban still needs to meet with team regarding solar eclipse

Alabama football head coach Nick Saban got a question from a reporter about the upcoming solar eclipse, and his response was typical Saban.

“On Monday, we’ve got the solar eclipse,” a reporter asked. “Are there any special precautions you have to take with the team, considering the eye damage possibilities?”

“We’ve set it up so that if the players want to go out there and get some sunglasses and look at it, I guess they can,” Saban replied. “That’s not something that I’m really that focused on right now.

“I watch The Weather Channel every day and they’re already saying what it’s going to look like in every city in America, so what’s going to be significant?”

Saban being more focused on football than the sun isn’t much of a surprise, given that the veteran football coach is widely regarded as one of the best in the country.

“So, I’m going to watch it on TV,” he said. “Maybe we should have a team meeting on how we’re going to do this. I haven’t thought of that yet.”

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