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  • Sun Bowl official messes up, calls Arizona State the ‘Wildcats’

    One thing is for sure: Arizona State will represent the Pac-12 in the Sun Bowl. We just don't know what mascot will represent Arizona State.
  • Tigers’ GM reportedly outbid for his son in free agency

    Alex Avila agreed to a deal with Minnesota, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan. Avila's dad is the GM of the Tigers, who were also pursuing him.
  • Devin Booker’s 44-point outing might cost pro gamer Cloakzy his eyebrow

    Phoenix Suns fans wouldn't mind if Cloakzy sacrificed himself by asking Devin Booker for more 40-point nights down the road.
  • Cardinals’ Kingsbury, Murray the focus of Star Wars-themed animated video

    An animated satire short film from Bleacher Report poked fun at the NFL and mainly focused on Arizona Cardinals duo Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray.
  • Arizona players tear up Sparky logo at midfield before Territorial Cup

    Arizona players were seen stomping on and tearing up the midfield Sparky logo in Sun Devil Stadium prior to the start of the Territorial Cup.
  • Sun Devil Stadium groundskeeper makes proposal to deter storming field

    For Sun Devil Stadium groundskeeper Brian Johnson, new challenges present themselves after fans storm the field following ASU's upset over No. 6 Oregon.
  • Week 11 touchdown celebrations that are stealing the show in the NFL

    It's more than halfway through the NFL season, meaning the touchdown-celebration game has elevated. In Week 11, two celebrations ranked above all else.
  • Steve Nash took pay cut so he and Quentin Richardson could hit the bar

    "Me and Q trying to go to the bar and celebrate and drink," Quentin Richardson said of the time Steve Nash took a pay cut to get both of them signed.
  • Dak Prescott dances to anything in warmups before Cowboys vs. Vikings

    Before the Cowboys game against the Vikings, a warmup stretch Dak Prescott did made it look like he was dancing to music.
  • Sun Devil hockey team pushes stuck bus out of snow in Alaska

    The Arizona State Sun Devils hockey team got the full winter experience while driving around the state of Alaska on Thursday afternoon.