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  • Former Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray’s Cards locker covered in Texas logos

    Oklahoma product Kyler Murray's locker was vandalized with Texas signs - and the main suspect is former Longhorns player Jordan Hicks.
  • Marcus Morris ejected for hitting opponent on head with ball

    We'll give Marcus Morris credit for this: He found a creative way to get ejected from a preseason game. He hit Justin Anderson on the head with a ball.
  • Fire alarm triggered in the middle of the NL Wild Card game

    Milwaukee Brewers fans will tell you their team's hot start was what caused the fire alarm to go off during the NL Wild Card game on Tuesday.
  • Valley resident Frankie Muniz tweets through pain of another Cardinals’ loss

    Arizona-resident Frankie Muniz had a very rough time, like most fans, watching the Arizona Cardinals fall to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.
  • Carson Palmer remembers drinking beer with ‘cool dude’ Kliff Kingsbury

    Carson Palmer's first memory of Kliff Kingsbury is meeting a "cool dude" and drinking beer with him at the 2003 Senior Bowl.
  • Carson Palmer visits Cardinals’ practice ahead of induction

    Ahead of Sunday's Ring of Honor induction, Carson Palmer and his family stopped by the Cardinals' practice facility to see some familiar faces.
  • Antonio Brown takes on Mayfield, Weddle in latest social media spats

    Brown's Twitter fingers have be at work as of late, sending cryptic messages and going to battle with those who have something to say about the WR.
  • A look back at all the dumb outfits Carson Palmer had to wear

    Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer had to wear some dumb outfits when he lost the bucket challenge. Here's a look at them.
  • Kyler Murray got caught sneaking out playing baseball in new Nissan ad

    All the former Heisman Trophy winners weren't having it when Kyler Murray snuck out of the house to play baseball in a new Nissan commercial.
  • Kyle Allen’s start for Cam Newton reminds of 2012 NFL ad

    Kyle Allen's start for the Panthers reminded NFL Twitter of a 2012 NFL 'PLAY 60' ad of a little boy threatening to take Cam Newton's job in Carolina.