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ASU’s Manny Wilkins, Arizona’s Khalil Tate exchange words on Twitter

(AP Photo)

Arizona State head coach Herm Edwards and his staff have been highly active in recruiting since Edwards was announced as the Sun Devils’ new head coach in December.

The latest stop for the Sun Devils’ coaching staff was Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, Calif.

The school showed appreciation for the Sun Devils’ staff showing interest in its athletes, but the same wasn’t felt for one of its former players.

Arizona Wildcats quarterback Khalil Tate was recruited out of Serra in 2016. On Tuesday, he expressed his displeasure with his in-state rival recruiting at his former school.

“Don’t let them come scam y’all,” Tate said while tagging Serra’s football program on Twitter.

Tate’s comment was followed by a reply from Arizona State quarterback Manny Wilkins, who was quick to defend his coaching staff for giving players an opportunity.

“Ain’t no scam, we all want this game to help us provide for our families on day, just like you,” Wilkins replied to Tate. He added that the relationship his coaches were attempting to build with recruits was bigger than the game they play and the rivalry between the Sun Devils and Wildcats.

Tate then replied to Wilkins before the exchange ended, saying that the Sun Devils’ staff recruiting at his former school was the joke, and that his tweet was not meant to be taken seriously.

“Didn’t know a humorous tweet was that serious,” Tate said. “Maybe I should have said ‘LOL’ afterward. Sorry I offended your school.”

Tate’s final reply to Wilkins was ironic in some ways, as the quarterback’s bio on Twitter says “Try not to take social media so serious?”

The annual meeting between Arizona and Arizona State for the Territorial Cup is already one of the most intense rivalries in college football, and whether or not this small exchange will once again raise that bar will remain to be seen.

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