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Rosen: Leftwich knows Kirk’s going to be good by the size of his cranium

(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

When you think of an NFL wide receiver’s skillset, what comes to mind first?

Big hands, good route running and quick feet are the usual traits associated with the position.

But what about head size?

Because according to Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, rookie WR Christian Kirk is a head above the rest.

“As Byron always says, he knows he is going to be a really good player because he has a huge head,” Rosen said Wednesday when asked what he has been seeing from Kirk. “Apparently with like Hines Ward, Golden Tate, apparently if you have a really big head you have a really good chance at being a good receiver.”

After finding his bearings to begin the season, Kirk has shown flashes of his play-making ability. Through 10 games, the rookie has 36 receptions for 495 yards and three touchdowns and has provided some highlight-reel plays in the process.

The cranial talk is nothing new to Kirk, however, as he has heard it from his family since he was little. But now, it’s his football family taking notice.

And if head size has something to do with his play, so be it.

“It’s just something you’ve got to embrace,” Kirk said when asked about Rosen’s comments. “I guess that’s a saying, I guess that’s a thing. I’m new to it as well but I guess if it’s working in my favor I’ll embrace it.

“Larry [Fitzgerald] said it’s always used for protection so I can’t get hurt with this thing.”

Cardinals fans are hoping Fitzgerald’s logic is airtight as Kirk trails only the All-Pro in receptions and touchdowns on the team this season.

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