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Torrey Smith beats his son in Madden by 98 points as a teaching moment

Life lessons come in many ways. In this case, it was from a video game.

Carolina Panthers receiver Torrey Smith took to social media to show the world how badly he beat his son in Madden.

Smith almost won by 100 points — that we know of — there was still 51 seconds remaining in the video, so who knows.

Most people would have probably forfeited that game about 40 points ago, but Smith’s son showed great perseverance. The video didn’t show the son’s face, though. The kid could have been in tears for all we know.

When Smith’s kids encounter some adversity as adults, they can always look back on this moment and realize the situation couldn’t be as bad as losing by 14 touchdowns in Madden.

Another thing to note: if you ever need a way to discipline your children, take this into consideration.

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