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98.7 FM’s Max Starks attacks an impromptu hot dog eating challenge

Five days after Joey Chesnut downed 71 hot dogs to win the annual Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest, it became Max Starks’ turn.

The former NFL lineman and fill-in host for Doug & Wolf on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station somehow found himself going down a path he couldn’t turn back from: How many hot dogs and buns could Starks down in 10 minutes?

Expectations were varied. Seventeen percent of the show’s Twitter followers polled didn’t think Starks could consume more than five dogs. A good 62% predicted he would fall anywhere from six wieners and their buns to 15. A solid 18% believed Starks could kill from 16 to 25 and 3% put their full faith in Starks, thinking he could eat 26 to 30.

Guest Trai Essex, a former Steelers offensive lineman himself, had perhaps too much faith in his pal.

Well, the majority got it right.

Starks kept calm and at 12 hot dogs in 10 minutes, succeeding in keeping them down through the final segment of the Doug & Wolf show that followed.

Was it pretty? Not at all.

But considering Starks took down 12 dogs with such little time to prepare, not bad at all.

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