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Manny Wilkins is done with ASU, but he’s not done hurdling defenders

What happens at ASU clearly doesn’t stay at ASU. Former Sun Devils quarterback Manny Wilkins may be done with college, but that doesn’t mean he’s done hurdling defenders.

It’s just Manny being Manny.

Now a quarterback on the Green Bay Packers, he showed off his legs in the final preseason game Thursday.

He’s just as graceful as we remember.

Wilkins rolled around after a play-action against the Kansas City Chiefs and ran to the left. Seeing a gaping hole, he took off. Seeing cornerback Mark Fields step up and plant his feet, he literally took off.

He converted the first down and got inside the 10-yard line.

“I see it now — leading quarterback rusher in the Pac-12, that’s on display right there,” a broadcaster said.

Welcome to our world. We’ve been seeing that for years.

And even though Wilkins is gone, ASU isn’t done hurdling.

Running back Eno Benjamin hurdled a Kent State defender Thursday, though he had to use a hand to get over. Wilkins managed to get all the way over without any push-off. Wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk also leapt over a defender, but it came at the end of the first half, when he should have went down sooner so ASU could call a timeout and kick a field goal.

Wilkins is out to show the NFL what he’s all about.

And luckily for viewers, he’s all about hurdling.

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