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Mike Leach is curious about potential mythical powers of Sun Devils

Washington State head football coach Mike Leach is an enigma to watch at press conferences.

You don’t know what question is going to send him what way, and if it’s a weird one, you’re essentially throwing gas on the fire.

Cue Monday, when Leach was asked who would come out on top in a batttle of mascots in his conference, the Pac-12.

It’s telling that the first place Leach’s brain goes is the Sun Devils, who he appears to view as the biggest threat based on the potential magical shenanigans they could infuse to the battle. ASU fans will be thrilled at how quickly Leach dismisses Arizona and the Wildcats. Same treatment for the Washington Huskies, a tough go.

Leach has a couple of hypotheticals to go further on, such as if the Utes of Utah are armed with the weaponry of a bow and arrow or a rifle. Ditto for the USC Trojans. He doesn’t rule out the Oregon State Beavers right away, proposing a strategy for the Beaver to simply hold its breath under the water as a stealth tactic. He also wants to know if the Stanford Cardinal are actually that dumb tree or if they represent the bird.

Legitimate threats, per Leach, include the Bruins at UCLA, the Cal Bears, the “utterly outstanding” Colorado Buffalo and his own Cougars of Washington State.

Something tells me this anonymous writer that he’s rattled off those characteristics of a cougar before to a four-star defensive tackle.