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Antonio Brown takes on Mayfield, Weddle in latest social media spats


Antonio Brown may not be on an NFL roster, but that doesn’t mean he’s not done causing headaches across the league.

At least on the social media side of things.

The disgruntled wide receiver’s Twitter fingers have be at work as of late, sending cryptic messages and going to battle with those who have something to say about the former Pro Bowler.

Saturday’s exchange with Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield marked the latest trading of barbs for the WR.

Mayfield posted a photo of himself during his Oklahoma days to Instagram on Friday with the caption “Just some undersized Walk On… Keep that same energy.”

A fan took it as arrogant, calling the post “AB’ish style.”

Mayfield was quick to respond, however, providing some history on the subject.

The timeline may be a bit off but you get the idea.

On queue, AB fired back, two-fold.

Not only did Brown call out Mayfield for being a lesser QB than Baltimore Ravens signal caller Lamar Jackson, AB took it a step further, posting a tweet with a link of Mayfield being arrested after fleeing cops and being intoxicated. The QB was tackled by authorities after running from police.

Brown also went after Mayfield in a since-deleted tweet, saying the QB “ain’t done nothing in this league” and the “internet [is the] only place [you] would ever talk [to] or about me.” The WR also added Mayfield would “get beat quick.”

For someone without a football team, that’s a pretty bold statement.

Mayfield spent more time on the field as a starter than Jackson last season, completing 63.8% of his throws for 27 touchdowns and 3,725 yards in 14 games (13 starts). In 16 games (seven starts), Jackson completed 58.2% of his passes for six touchdowns and 1,201 yards. Jackson did outpace Mayfield in the running game though, rushing for 695 yards and five touchdowns on 147 carries.

This season, Jackson has the upperhand on the Browns QB, tossing seven touchdowns compared to Mayfield’s three. He’s also not thrown a pick, while Mayfield has five on the year. It’s only Week 4, keep in mind. There’s still a ton of football to be played.

And while the Mayfield-Brown feud looks far from over, another Twitter war was waged earlier in the week by the WR.

On Thursday, Brown took to Twitter referencing a Lil’ Wayne song, insinuating that the NFL is desperate for him back.

Obviously, a statement from a player who isn’t on a roster about being needed in the NFL isn’t going to go over too well across the league.

Most notably Los Angeles Rams free safety Eric Weddle.

Commenting on New York Giants WR Golden Tate’s response to AB’s post of simply “What???,” Weddle didn’t mince his words.

When somebody called out Weddle for being unable to guard Brown over the top or in man coverage, the safety didn’t need much to quiet down at least one critic, saying the WR isn’t on an NFL team so there’s no reason to guard him.

That last comment must have struck a cord with Brown, who decided to tag in for the Twitter battle.

It didn’t stop there, either.

While Weddle went to town on Brown, the wideout may have gotten the last laugh, however.

It’s safe to say Brown isn’t done calling out franchise quarterbacks and causing headaches for opposing defenses.

But the real question is, who’s next?