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Week 11 touchdown celebrations that are stealing the show in the NFL

It’s more than halfway through the NFL season, meaning the touchdown-celebration game has elevated.

In Week 11, two end zone celebrations ranked above all else.

We start in Indianapolis where the Colts took on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While offensive linemen aren’t the first players you think of when thinking touchdowns, the Colts’ Quentin Nelson looked to flip the script.

In the third quarter, Nelson lined up as a fullback on Jacksonville’s one-yard line. Instead of making a block, Nelson was handed the rock, appearing to rumble in for the score. Upon review, the touchdown was called off, but the celebration will live on for generations.

Nelson must have had a flashback to his college days, pulling off the keg stand in the end zone.

But the lineman wasn’t the only player to pull off a memorable finish to a play.

Looking over at the NFC East, we find the Dallas Cowboys.

In a close game with the Detroit Lions, running back Ezekiel Elliott provided some comic relief after scoring on a 17-yard pass play.

Taking a page out of signal caller Dak Prescott’s pregame warmup routine, Elliott gave a shoutout to his QB.

You know, that new dance that’s clearly sweeping the U.S., or at the very least, the Cowboys.

We shouldn’t be that surprised, however, as the RB seems to be picking up a thing or two from Prescott with each passing week. He’s not missing a beat, either.