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Las Vegas NFL Draft stage could be in Bellagio fountain and require boats

County officials that oversee Las Vegas events unanimously approved a proposal for the 2020 NFL Draft to include a Bellagio fountain stage.

It appears, per News 3 Las Vegas, that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could be shaking hands with potential No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow after the quarterback is selected by the Cincinnati Bengals and ferries his way across the fountain — on a boat.

Part of the plan for the NFL Draft festivities includes shutting down the major roadways along the strip.

Clark County’s Twitter account said there will be revisions for the plans, and that could involve changing the massive road closures.

Still, everyone was wondering more about that whole idea of drafting future NFL players on a stage in the middle of a giant fountain.

That’s not only an ambitious plan but a time-constraining one for an event that tends to run long already.

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