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Sun Devil Football to wear A Mountain gloves in 2020 season

The Arizona State Sun Devils football team will be able to show off a landmark of Tempe, Ariz., on their gloves when they take the field in 2020.

That’s because A Mountain, the famous butte with a cement “A” emblazoned on the front of it, is featured on the palms of the team’s Adidas gloves and can be clearly made out when wearers put their hands together, palms out.

Sun Devil Equipment showed off the gloves in a Twitter post on Monday.

It’s not uncommon for teams to feature custom imagery on the palm of their football players’ gloves, and the Sun Devils previously have had the ASU pitchfork logo on their hands.

Now, the gloves will display the mountain that abuts Sun Devil Stadium. The west side of the stadium is partly built into A Mountain, which is also called Tempe Butte or Hayden Butte.

The butte and the large A can be seen clearly from much of ASU’s campus, and each year, multiple student rituals take place on the mountain. Students annually repaint the A and also conduct the Lantern Walk, a nighttime hike up the mountain with lanterns in hand. It’s also a popular hike for locals and tourists, short in length but steep in its incline, and features 360-degree views of much of the Phoenix metro area.

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