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Arizona Sports 620’s reaction to Cards pick of Floyd

There was plenty of speculation that the Arizona Cardinals
trade out of the 13th slot of the first round of the NFL
Draft, but
they opted to stay and make the pick.

Three of their favorite players: Iowa tackle Riley Reiff,
Carolina outside linebacker Melvin Ingram and Notre Dame
Michael Floyd were all on the board.

The Cardinals went with Floyd, pairing the young stud
receiver with
Pro Bowler Larry Fitzgerald to form a formidable combo of
for Arizona QB Kevin Kolb.

The crowd gathered at Arizona Sports 620’s Draft
Extravaganza at
Talking Stick Resort approved, and so did our talk show

Here’s some rapid reaction from the on-air staff of
Arizona Sports

Ron Wolfley:

I think this was a great pick by the Arizona Cardinals. I
think they
had a lot of options there at number 13. I was surprised
to see
Melvin Ingram was still on the board there. Riley Reiff,
the big
tackle out of Iowa – that was another direction they could
gone, but I just think the temptation of Michael Floyd and
the fact
that he is reminiscent of Anquan Boldin – something
they’ve really
missed as a number-two wide receiver. I think this was a
brainer for them.

Dave Burns:

Maybe the thinking has changed in the National Football
Maybe you don’t need a great offensive line, maybe you
have to
change the way you get rid of the ball out of that pocket
as fast as
you possibly can. I really, really like the pick. I think
the Arizona
Cardinals were very fortunate that Michael Floyd was there
and they
did the right thing by sticking to their guns and taking

Doug Franz:

You can’t argue with (the pick). You need to find out
whether or
not Kevin Kolb is the future of the Arizona Cardinals and
by getting
a wide receiver weapon, he now has the weapons to show
or not he’s the quarterback to stay. Personally, I admit,
I wanted
Melvin Ingram of South Carolina. I thought he could help
out and
get more pressure on the quarterback, so that would have
been my
choice, but there’s no way I can argue this pick. It’s a
good pick for
the Arizona Cardinals.

John Gambadoro:

I thought the Cardinals made a solid selection with
Michael Floyd.
There were several ways they could have gone where I think
fans and the media and the Cardinals themselves would have
happy. Of course, if they could have gotten Barron from
that would have been a great pick as the player to replace
Wilson down the road. If they could have taken Riley
Reiff, the
offensive tackle out of Iowa, that would have been a great
because they desperately need an offensive tackle. And of
they’ve had a hard time replacing Anquan Boldin. The guys
have tried to replace Boldin have absolutely failed,
whether it was
Steve Breaston or Early Doucet. Those guys have failed in
number two role. Getting a number two receiver was a need
for the
Cardinals and they got a great player, now we’ve got to
see what
they do in the rest of the draft.