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Trivia Tuesday: Top NFL Playoff rushing performances of the last decade

Playoff time is here in the NFL.

And unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) it won’t include the Arizona Cardinals for the fifth straight season.

As the old adage says, “if you want to win in the postseason, you have to be able to run the football” and that certainly helps when you’ve got a stud runner to rely on.

Your Trivia Tuesday challenge this week is to name the players responsible for the most rushing yards in a playoff game over the last decade.

We’ve given you the number of yards along with each player’s team and position and the year they racked up the yards (and by year we mean the calendar date of the game, not the season. Example: the 2019 NFL Playoffs were played entirely in the calendar year of 2020.)

All you’ve got to do is name the player. You’ve got eight minutes on the clock. Good luck and happy playoff season!

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