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TNT remixes Suns playoff hype video with Charles Barkley’s epic 2016 rant

Fans of the Phoenix Suns know full well how quickly the team has turned itself around.

It was just 2018-19 when they won 19 games over a full 82-game schedule. It’d been that bad for awhile.

But in case anyone forgot, the Inside the NBA crew reminded everyone to end their show Wednesday night by remixing the Suns’ hype video for this year’s playoff push that features Charles Barkley and Dan Majerle. They used sound from Barkley’s 2016 rant over how dire things were in Phoenix just as the team had fired head coach Jeff Hornacek.

“The hotdogs, they got the hard buns,” Barkley said in the old footage, as co-host Shaquille O’Neal goaded Barkley into turning a highlight segment of a Suns-Rockets game into a dressing down of the Phoenix franchise. “The soda’s flat. The beer is flat. …The cheese is cold.”

“Plenty of parking. You can park right next to the arena,” Barkley added minutes later as the segment spun out of control. “You know how some places you get good nachos, they put jalapenos? The Suns, they put pickles on them.”

In the crew’s remix of the hype video for 2021, much of that language is weaved into the back-and-forth with Majerle in the Suns-produced video.

Barkley couldn’t help but find humor in the shenanigans.

“They just ruined something that was so beautiful and pure,” Barkley said, laughing into the outro.

In case you have five minutes, here’s the original footage of Barkley’s rant about the struggling Suns franchise.

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