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Whisenhunt implies team targeting multiple QB’s

PHOENIX – Much of the talk surrounding the Arizona Cardinals is, when the lockout is lifted, the team will focus on trading for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Not so fast says Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.

The Cardinals coach was a guest on NFL Total Access and suggested the team might be looking at other possibilities besides Kolb.

“We’re very comfortable that there are a couple of guys out there that we think we’ll have an opportunity to get and help make our football team better,” said Whisenhunt.

There you have it, the Cardinals aren’t putting all their eggs in one basket devoting all their attention on acquiring Kolb.

Whisenhunt’s statement seems to validate some of the other rumors of potential quarterbacks such as maybe Marc Bulger, Kyle Orton or Matt Hasselbeck.

That’s probably a good strategy for the Cardinals to take, especially if the Eagles asking price remains ridiculously high.