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ESPN’s Jaws: Cardinals have schemes to beat Seahawks defense

LISTEN: Ron Jaworski, ESPN NFL Analyst

Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch haven’t been themselves, and neither have the Seattle Seahawks.

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski told Arizona Sports 98.7’s Burns and Gambo that Seattle’s offensive line changes from the Super Bowl team last year are the main reason for the Seahawks’ offensive struggles this season. This week’s opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, pose a challenge on the other side as well.

Carson Palmer’s last game at Seattle ended with a Cardinals victory, and Jaworski believes Arizona’s offense has enough to get the best of the Seahawks’ defense that ranks in the top-10 in both yards allowed per run and per pass.

Jaws predicts a 24-20 Cardinals win. He believes Arizona has the talent and schemes to beat Seattle’s Cover-3 defense.

“They have some Cover-3 beaters,” Jaworski told Burns and Gambo. “When you play Seattle, they’re going to play Cover-3, it’s their predominant coverage. You better have a plan how to beat cover 3, and all season long, I’ve seen the Cardinals have a three-way vertical stretch plan to beat Cover-3. I’ve seen different rout combinations to beat Cover-3 hitting the seams.”

Of course, the Cardinals will need to set up the passing game with the run game.

Jaworski said Seattle will put Arizona in a bind if Palmer and company are in obvious passing situations. That will allow the Seahawks to sit in their zones.

While Chris Johnson may not be finding many running lanes, Jaworski said Arizona must remain committed to the ground attack. That will set up play-action for Palmer to attack.

“Get those safeties nosey,” Jaworski said. “Get Kam Chancellor up near the line of scrimmage. Get Earl Thomas wanting to hit int he back in the backfield.”

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