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Arizona Cardinals Pat Tillman should be in the hall of fame

Pat Tillman’s time in the NFL may have been brief, but there is no denying that he had a lasting impact on the game. That impact came more for his actions on the field of battle rather than the field of play. Despite the length of his career, one former wide receiver is pushing for the former Cardinal to be elected into the hall of fame.

Former Cincinnati Bengal turned NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth on Showtime’s Inside the NFL made a plea to get Tillman inducted.

“I’m gonna do my annual campaign here. Pat Tillman, in my estimation, belongs in the National Football League Hall of Fame. I don’t care what he did as a player — the sacrifice that he made to leave the NFL to go serve his country makes him the Number One person I would put in the Hall of Fame, and I will always say that for the rest of my life until it happens.”

Despite only playing four years in the league and recording only three interceptions in his brief career, it’s tough to deny his influence on the game and those that watched and played it. Not only did he leave a dream career and millions of dollars to go fight terrorism after 9-11 but he made the ultimate sacrifice when he lost his life in the line of duty.

Some will argue that he didn’t have a career that warranted induction into such a prestigious place but it should go much further than that. Collinsworth’s argument isn’t that Tillman’s career numbers are why he should have a place in the hall but rather his actions.

By inducting him into the hall of fame it shows players and fans around the world that actions outside the game are worthy of being recognized just as much as the number of touchdowns you score or yards you gain.

The hall and its members should welcome the inclusion of Tillman with open arms and accept that sometimes there are things that happen outside of the game that deserved being honored inside it.

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