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SportsCenter forgets where Arizona Cardinals play football

The Cardinals moved to Arizona for the 1988 season and have been in the Valley ever since.

Over that time in Arizona, they have been to the playoffs four times, the Super Bowl once, and won their division three times — including this season.

Their home stadium, which is in Glendale, Arizona, has hosted Super Bowls as well as college football national championship games.

Suffice to say, by now most people should know the Arizona Cardinals play in, you guessed it, Arizona.

Most people, apparently, does not include the folks who run ESPN’s Sportscenter’s Twitter account.

The St. Louis Cardinals, of course, play baseball in a place that is not Arizona. And the bat reference is related to the Carolina Panthers, who have gained attention for bringing a bat onto the field as a bit of a motivational tool.

So there’s that.


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