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Cardinals really are just a QB away

There are many out there who think the Cardinals, with so much as just competent QB play, would have won the NFC West for the third straight time last season.

While the Cardinals have not officially addressed that need yet, the team may find itself right back atop the division when they do.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, when asked in a chat about who he thinks will enter the ranks of contender this season, said he feels the Cardinals, like fellow perennial bottom dweller Detroit Lions, are primed for a turnaround.

I also could see the Arizona Cardinals making a turnaround, especially if they wind up landing Kevin Kolb in a trade.

Ahh yes, the old “Cardinals will be good if they get Kevin Kolb routine.” Haven’t heard that one in about two days.

Then again, as we’ve seen in the Valley over the last two years, a good quarterback can make all the difference. Even after suffering some key losses before last season the Cardinals roster did not go from playoff caliber to devoid of talent, so it’s easy to see why most feel a good QB will be worth a few more wins.

Now it’s just a matter of finding one.

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