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Former Suns big man Robin Lopez gets pranked by the Gorilla, Lopez gets last laugh

Former Suns center and current Chicago Bull Robin Lopez has an extensive history with NBA mascots.

Whether it’s grabbing Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper all the way through the halls of an arena and dropping him or knocking out Washington Wizards mascot G-Wiz, the evidence is overwhelming.

The lesson to learn throughout Lopez’s time of assaulting mascots is once you get your joke off, run.

Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper learned the hard way wearing a wig similar to Lopez’s hair when Lopez held Hooper down, punched him and wore the wig to make his point that he came out on top in this exchange.

Orlando Magic mascot Stuff perfected the technique when after pranking Lopez, ran away to hide behind Magic forward Aaron Gordon hoping he’d be protected.

The Suns Gorilla apparently did not watch that video.

Tricking Lopez with his love of beating down other mascots, Gorilla handed Lopez a bat to take some swings at the Atlanta Hawks mascot with a sign that said “I HATE ROBYN,” misspelling his name to further anger the former Stanford star.

What was revealed, though, was Bulls mascot Benny the Bull was actually the mascot taking the abuse.

For Lopez’s revenge and a lack of situational awareness from the Gorilla, Lopez chased the Gorilla and threw him to the ground, and perhaps would have done more had it not been for Lopez’s time spent in Phoenix.

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