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Ducks’ Kevin Bieksa pretends to be security guard, pranks teammates

Anaheim Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa takes his job seriously.

On the ice, he ensures that he contributes to his team to help them win games. Off the ice, he’s making sure the good patrons of the Honda Center in Anaheim are safe and secure.

Though he’s usually on the Ducks blue line, Bieksa spent some time screening players as they arrived at the arena for their game. He held a metal detecting wand and thoroughly inspected each one of his teammates that came through.

They didn’t even know it was him.

Wearing makeup and phony nose, Bieksa’s behavior toward his teammates was pretty obnoxious. At one point, when forward Ondrej Kase came through the checkpoint, even his nationality was scrutinized.

“What are you, Russian or something?” Bieksa said.

“Czech,” Kase replied.

“Same thing.”

Later, Bieksa went back to the subject went a security dog was inspecting the area. He told another security employee, “Russians don’t usually like dogs, so…”

He also asked forward Nick Ritchie to take his shoe off for no particular reason.

Bieksa has already been a part of some viral videos before. He did a similar undercover video last season when he shoveled snow off the ice during a preseason game.

He also went viral earlier this season with his “superman” punch during a fight against Canucks defenseman Radko Gudas.

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