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Minnesota Vikings enjoy Thanksgiving feast during first quarter

“Who has the stuffing?”

The Minnesota Vikings may have found their new favorite holiday.

Not only did the Vikings take home the 30-23 win against the Detroit Lions, but they more than likely secured the NFC North in the process.

To top things off, they even got to join in on the Thanksgiving festivities early, celebrating with a “feast” in the end zone.

Thanks to quarterback Case Keenum, who ran the rock nine yards for the score, the Vikings got a much-needed moment to unleash the best touchdown celebration of the day.

Much of the offensive line joined Keenum, Kyle Rudolph, Stefon Diggs and Jarius Wright for their team meal.

Before the Thanksgiving feast, the Vikings already had one of the greatest celebrations of the year when they played Duck, Duck, Goose (or Grey Duck).

But this one might have taken the cake.

Or pie.

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