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Does Jared Dudley want to play for the Celtics?

After the massive roster shake-up in the offseason, Jared Dudley is probably the most recognizable face on the Phoenix Suns’ roster.

Believe it or not, by heading into his fifth season in Phoenix, Dudley is the longest-tenured Suns player. Rebuilding is fun, isn’t it?

Anyway, Dudley was roaming the sidelines at his alma mater Boston College last weekend during the Eagles’ football season opener against the University of Miami.

During an interview, Dudley talked about improving his skills, striving to get better and then, out of the clear blue, Dudley says “maybe one day, maybe I’ll be a Celtic. You never know.”


C’mon Jared. You’re one of the few players Suns fans are familiar with heading into this season, and you’ve got one eye toward Beantown?

We know more than likely, you were just mugging for the cameras and ingratiating yourselves to the locals, but please keep in mind, Suns fans are in a fragile state these days.