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Trevor Bauer gets political on Twitter

It isn’t common for 21-year-old star athletes to voice their political opinions.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Trevor Bauer isn’t common.

During the Presidential debate Monday night, Bauer took to twitter and let his opinion on President Obama be known.

When anybody tweets their political feelings, it stirs reaction. When a high-profile athlete does it, it borders on frenzy. Here’s some of the reaction:

Bauer took the time to answer many of the users who were critical — or just downright rude and obnoxious.

We took a couple of things away from this experience. One, the vast majority on social media have “twitter muscles” — behind the anonymity of 140 characters or less, they’ll appear real tough to those of a higher public profile.

And two, Bauer, who has been accused by some of being “immature”, showed tremendous restraint and yes, maturity toward some idiots who apparently don’t think a baseball player can have an opinion on anything non-baseball-related.