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ASU’s Jahii Carson salutes himself

Arizona State frosh Jahii Carson is off to a fantastic start to his collegiate career.

The point guard is averaging 17.9 points and 5.3 assists per game for the upstart Sun Devils, and needless to say he’s in conversation when folks discuss the country’s best freshmen.

Carson, though, believes he’s not just good for a freshman. He thinks he’s good — even the best — period.

Poor grammar aside (and we’ll forgive Mr. Carson because it is Twitter), one has to wonder why he would salute himself. Isn’t that for others to do? His claim of being the best in the conference is a bold statement that, to be honest, is not really that ridiculous.

Carson is scoring more and dishing the ball better than Arizona’s Mark Lyons, and UCLA’s Larry Drew II is only really good for passing the rock.

Carson’s tweet predictably spurned many responses — some of which were not exactly positive — which led to a couple more tweets from the youngster.

Our advice for Carson is to keep playing well, which will shut all the “haters” up and make his fans very, very happy.