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Stephen A. Smith proves he knows nothing about hockey

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is a bit of a controversial character.

But one thing there’s no arguing about is that he does not know the sport of hockey. Period. End of story.

Smith, on Monday morning’s SportsCenter, was discussing the Chicago Blackhawk’s impressive point streak to start the season.

Chicago, who you may remember for being eliminated by the Phoenix Coyotes in the first round of the playoffs last season, is 19-0 with three shootout losses. So really, they haven’t “lost” a game yet, accruing points every time they’ve taken the ice.

Smith is not impressed. Or knowledgeable about the sport in general.

“When it was 21 games it was really an eight-game streak,” Smith said. “There are three ties. I’m sorry, that doesn’t count. I’m not into the tie business. This isn’t soccer.”

Swing and a miss, Stephen. He ranted on, but provided at least one more gem for us.

“The other day when they asked me this question, Columbus, I wasn’t even aware they had a team in Columbus.”

That doesn’t surprise us.

H/T to for the heads up.