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Nike to release new Charles Barkley shoe

It is not uncommon for professional basketball players to be given their own shoe by companies like Nike, Reebok and Adidas.

And for some players, like Michael Jordan, their line continues long after they’ve retired from the game.

Apparently Charles Barkley has a similar deal.

Nike is releasing the Chuckposite Barkley Posite, and the shoes are adorned with Phoenix Suns colors. Of that, we approve.

Of course, we do not know if this is a shoe for broadcasters or players — or both — only that it is purple and orange. And odds are it will be more successful than the Air-Bombay Loafer, but we digress.

Along with the knowledge that a new Barkley shoe is on the way came the revelation that there is someone who makes YouTube videos dedicated to sneakers, where they are discussed and reviewed.