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Adrian Beltre pulls off late-inning fake out on pop up

The Texas Rangers are feeling pretty good about themselves at the moment, as they’ve won four straight for the first time all season heading into play Sunday night.

So much so, that Gold Glove third baseman Adrian Beltre decided to have a little fun late in the team’s 4-2 win against the St. Cardinals Saturday.

With one out in the ninth, St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina hit a routine pop up on the infield. The ball would be caught by shortstop Elvis Andrus, but not before Beltre tried to fake everyone out by pretending the ball was coming to him.

Andrus made the play with ease, but Beltre certainly fooled FOX’s Joe Buck and Tim McCarver on the initial TV call.

Beltre’s ninth-inning deke in a two-run game seemed a little odd given the timing, then again, when you’re winning as the Rangers have of late, you can get away with it.