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Pee wee quarterback destroys everything linebacker loves

Remember when you were younger, and there was always a bully who didn’t hesitate to take everything you love and destroy it? John David Taylor, a pee wee quarterback in Alabama, did that to three poor defenders on a single play.

The 13-year-old seventh-grader who committed to USC and Lane Kiffin might not have anything on this kid. Watch what he does to No. 11. No. 9 definitely saw it, and he wanted no part of making a tackle. Unfortunately for No. 15, he seems to have missed the first attempted tackle on the play and got an unhealthy dose of stiff-arm.

Who cares that Taylor broke the huddle with 12 players when he’s blasting would-be tacklers back two yards before making a nasty sideline juke and stiff-arming a kid into submission on his way to the end zone?