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Cincinnati football coaches run as players’ punishment

Anyone who’s played a competitive team sport knows the feeling of dread that comes when you realize that someone screwed up and everyone is going to pay for it by running — and running a lot.

So when Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville found the team’s locker room rather messy – something that apparently has been an issue throughout the year — it’s understandable why some of the Bearcats’ players might have been dreading what was coming.

But then things took an interesting turn.

Tuberville lined up all of the coaches — including himself — and they ran two gassers (each is across the width of the field four times).

“I didn’t pass out, so I guess I made it,” tight ends coach Tyson Helton says in the video below.

Some of the coaches are clearly a ways removed from their playing days, but props to Tuberville and his staff for coming up with a unique way to break up the monotony of a long season.