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Youth football team runs trick play to perfection

A wise man once said that deception is just a part of life.

And if no one has said that, someone should. Who knows, maybe the Haboob Blog will henceforth be known as “a wise man.”

Anyway, those words are rarely more evident than on a football field, where teams do all they can to outsmart their opponents. As such, tomofoolery often comes into the equation.

Take, for instance, a play between the Hialeah Cougars and the Dania Beach Bears in Florida.

The Cougars QB acts like something is wrong and walks toward the sideline as his wide receivers throw their arms up in faux confusion. The ball is then snapped to the running back, who fires a perfect pass down the field to the sprinting QB for a touchdown.

It was pretty cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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